Define Success
Quantify the cost of change
Focus on Finishing
Work in iterations
Make work visible
Improve with retrospectives
Have a working product
Identify a sponsor
Formulate a metric strategy
Make process policies explicit
Build knowledge base (to wisdom)
Configuration Management
Identify a process champion
Measure cycle-time
Limit Work in Process
Define Done
Test management
Meet the team
Focus on quality
Define Classes of service
Coding standards
Create ordered work list
Define types of work
Limit team size
Size work items
Debug as a design consideration
Identify a customer proxy
Plan before each iteration
Separate what from how
Daily stand-up
Treat warning (near hit) as failures
Build a training program
Understand failure
Mid iteration planning
Hold business reviews
Maintain burndown
Static code analysis
Establish change coalition
Sustainable pace as a strategy
Measure Flow (CFD)
Keep track of debt
Scale with purpose (e.g. complexity)
Plan execute review in real time
Use consistent business language
Release procedure
Reduce watse
Manage interruptions
Continuous Integration