The "Do page" is the most important page on my site. It is the result of many years of my successes and failures in facilitating lasting change, specifically in process improvement for technology businesses. It represents, in my opinion, a reasonable process improvement template. Obviously every situation is different and deserves a customized approach, and equally obviously you need something to customize, otherwise you have to start from nothing every time.

The template is best used as a guide for identifying what to focus on next. It is arranged as a story-map with most important top-left, going left to right, top to bottom. The headings along the top are contours of the template, and each topic weaves together another piece of the puzzle. An open block does not mean the next step along that contour is not important, it merely means progress on another contour will be a better use of your time.

I also strongly suggest that you "tip-toe" your way through the template. It is not necessary, and in fact not advisable, to have each item done and dusted before moving to the next. This does not mean leaving things halfway done! Look at an item, choose which aspect of it you are going to address, and do it. This way you can tiptoe your way through the template, each time you get to the end, simply go back to the beginning and deal with that item in more detail. In each case, choose what you have energy for, more accurately, what you, your team and organization have energy for.

Don't set yourself up for failure. If something is high in importance, such as a vision, but you simply do not have energy for crafting a vision, then please, skip it. Make progress on the next item, and when you are ready, come back to the first. Obviously this is a gently-gently approach. If your situation is dire, and you need rapid change, then I suggest you ask for help. There are people, like me, that dedicate their lives to understanding process improvement and how to facilitate rapid and lasting change. When the stakes are high, ask a professional, because chances are you will not have time to become one.

In time, I will capture all my notes as individual guides for each topic. I will post the links as I finish them.